A Peek at the Medicine of Tomorrow ~

A Peek at the Medicine of Tomorrow ~

I've always been a fan of science technology.

In fact, when people hear that I want to make sci-fi movies, they usually assume I'm interested in space aliens and goofy monsters with ray guns. (What does that say about me?)

But what I really love is "future tech" sci-fi.

You know — those great films that give us a glimpse at creative technology and what's to come.

I'm an optimist, so future tech stories excite my imagination.

Which is why I love stories like this one:

'Doctor' particle decides when to release payload

Scientists are developing medicine that will respond when certain conditions are present.

Imagine it: You swallow a pill, and it only releases the drug when tiny nanoparticles determine that the time is just right.

Our ability to solve our problems on an increasingly fine level of detail is only going to improve in the years ahead.

As technology improves, so do our lives.

The future of medicine is inspiring, and if you follow the breakthroughs that seem to happen almost daily now, it's easy to see that we're living right at the cusp of a major change in human history.

Will you be contributing?

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Mr. Raymond Ken... (not verified) 9 November 2009 - 7:24 am

Hi, Jeff,

(I’m trying to recall the title…)

I read a story like that, about…the first cyborg man, cyber bug substitute for blood, causing him pain until he has his moment of truth and, sychronizes with the bug, saves the world from Echelon, getting closer to the title, his bug can replace cut-off fingers … It was a good read, the kind that costs the Bookstore a little more than they’d like to invite publicly … (I read nonfiction at the library and university).

If you can get your money-grubbing fingers on ECHELON by Josh Conviser (I mean specifically the money-grubbing fingers as the other fingers are used-less in this regard), you might want to try to squeeze it into a 2-hour movie.

There are movies out there to be made….

Thanks again, for the interesting website and FAST invite.