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The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
by Jeff Bollow

ISBN: 978-0-9752139-1-9

Est. Publication Date:

Format: Hardcover
Genre: Nonfiction
Estimated dimensions: 9" x 6"
Estimated pages: 300
Price: USD $26.95


You are phenomenal.

With three simple words, our world is about to change.

In the paradigm-shifting new nonfiction book Phenomenal, author Jeff Bollow shows you precisely:

  • why and how human beings are a phenomenon of nature,
  • the implications for your life and the human race,
  • how to tap into your unique “phenomenal spark” to maximize your life experience right now (and why it’s vital that you do), and
  • the unlimited opportunities that open up the moment you begin.

In 24 spellbinding chapters, Phenomenal presents a stunning self-fulfilling prophecy.

Firmly grounded in science and objective reality, this is not a self-help book or a spiritual guide — no faith or positive thinking are required — yet its conclusions are uniquely and profoundly empowering. Phenomenal examines the meaning, purpose, and nature of life on Earth from an entirely different scale and perspective.

Breathtaking in its simplicity, the Phenomenal insight promises to change the way you look at your world: As self-aware beings, we control our destiny. When we recognize that each of us is uniquely phenomenal, we set the stage for all of us to achieve our potential. And that potential is phenomenal.

Get ready for a whole new paradigm.

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The Phenomenal project has been delayed for the past few years as Jeff completed FAST Screenplay. With his recent TED Talk "Expand Your Imagination Exponentially", Jeff hopes to reignite the Phenomenal project. If you are interested in the ideas that led to his TED Talk, please let us know by following The Phenomenal Experience or Jeff on Twitter.

We are also potentially re-imagining the project as a unique new television series. More details will come as they get finalized.

In the meantime, the information below is being left intact as it was part of the original plan. But details are subject to change. Please check back in a few months for updates.


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