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Because human beings are self-aware, our potential is unlimited.

The purpose of life is to find your "phenomenal spark" — something only you can offer — and then share it with the world.

All human progress throughout history comes from individuals like you sharing their unique ideas, talents, efforts, fascinations, and experiences with mankind.

When you find your "phenomenal" spark (and the courage to share it!) you're living the Phenomenal Experience.


This website is the home to three projects:

  1. Phenomenal: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — a new book by Jeff Bollow that details this insight, its implications, the need it presents, and the opportunities it reveals. More info is here.

  2. The Phenomenal Experience Blog — Jeff's thoughts, adventures, tips, and tales as he embarks on the experience.
    TIP: Start at the beginning and read the articles chronologically, for maximum value.

  3. The Phenomenal Experience — a television series (coming soon) that explores and celebrates the people, places, ideas and progress that push our lives (and our future) beyond anything we currently imagine.


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The Pre-Order page has a very special offer for the first-printing Limited Edition of the new book Phenomenal: The Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

More to come. When the book is released, we've got significant additional expansion plans for the site. Stay tuned!

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