New Mini-Blog Entries ~

New Mini-Blog Entries ~

If there's one thing I hate... it's a project that's been started, but isn't moving forward.

Like this blog.

Yes, I'm moving forward on the book. But this blog's just sitting here. (You won't notice that if you're reading in the future, but I need to see daily progress.)


No time to write 2,000-word articles. What can I do?

Mini-blog entries.

Think of it like a "Thought of the Day".


In the interest of actually building this site, I'm going to try to upload something every day.

  • The "mini-blog entries" will be very short.
  • Titles will have a tilde (~) at the end of the title, so you can easily spot them in the archive lists.
  • They'll each use the stopwatch image.
  • They'll be short -- typically no more than 200 words.
  • They may be topical; they may be just random thoughts.

If you think they're too lightweight... or just surface-level stuff, they'll be easy to ignore. (On the other hand, maybe you'll prefer them to the long-winded articles!)

Regardless... the idea is to remind myself (and you!) of the principles:

  1. Momentum is result of continual forward progress.
  2. Small steps daily are better than big steps sporadically.

The Experience is every day of our lives.

The blog should reflect that.

More to come...

Next up, Article #12:
How Fast is Your Brain?

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