Why the Future is Better Than You Think ~

Why the Future is Better Than You Think ~

We're stuck in an archaic mental paradigm.

I watched a couple shows on the Science Channel last night: "Life: The Biomolecular Revolution" with Dr Michio Kaku, and Popular Science's new "Future of..." series -- an episode called "Superhumans."

The combination was fascinating.

But what struck me most about the programs was that even some of the scientists on the forefront of the tech revolution don't grasp what's happening.

They don't see that they're still — to this very day — operating entirely from an outdated mental model of our world.


We live in a world — today — where human beings are capable of:

  • cloning animals,
  • creating body parts from DNA,
  • engineering mice to perform at double their natural capacity,
  • creating artificial limbs that are in many ways superior to our natural limbs,
  • designing computing systems that will push us forward in directions we can barely imagine.

The world of tomorrow is technological. It's a world where these technologies exist and inform the way life works.

We are alive at the most exciting moment
in all of human history.

What most people don't seem to grasp yet is this:

  • Forward motion is human nature.
  • Extreme progress is the essence of who we are.
  • Humanity cannot avoid this spectacular evolution.

I pay attention to our progress. I grasp precisely how phenomenal we really are. And one of the things I see... is that we're missing a fundamental understanding of our essence.

The scientists don't quite understand it. The general population certainly doesn't see it. And for whatever reason, my interests and my unique experience in life have shown me what that missing piece is. And that's what the book is all about.

I can see the future of mankind. And our potential is unlimited.

I'm excited.

Are you?

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