How to Jumpstart Your Momentum ~

How to Jumpstart Your Momentum ~

It's easy to slip into a fog.

You're moving forward with great enthusiasm. Plugging away. Building momentum.

But gradually, everything gets sluggish. It's harder than you thought. It takes longer than you want.

And before you know it, you're moving at a crawl.

It's time to jumpstart your momentum.


Something dawned on me yesterday. I've been feeling sluggish.

But why?

When I started this project, I began exercising vigorously, eating healthy, drinking only water. My days were mapped out.

But then I started "cheating".

Occasional unhealthy meals. Daily coffee habit (coffee and writing go so well together!).

After playing beach volleyball a couple weekends ago, I was very sore the next day. My daily exercise hasn't been as vigorous since then.


Think there's a correlation between these things?

You bet there is.

So today's Monday. I'm ready to jumpstart the momentum.

Here's how:

  1. Notice the fog!
    Are you operating at 100%? If not, you need a jumpstart!
  2. Find the cause.
    What's slowing you down?
  3. Reconnect with your goal.
    Not only what you want but why you want it.
  4. Get physical.
    Physical movement pumps energy through your body. Shake out the fog.
  5. Take immediate action.
    Do something small right this minute to get back on target.

Small progress daily is better than big progress sporadically.

Now bookmark this page.

The fog will return. It's natural.

Re-read this page to shake it off.

Now do it.

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Roman (not verified) 12 December 2009 - 10:57 am

True that!

Have read and heard about quite alot techniques to get back on track…

the thing is, ALL these techniques are like huge detours what is good if you want to get stuck, wile your suggestions are like short cuts, spot on!