Want to Help Out?

As of this writing (the day the blog was launched), we're still getting into high gear with this project. Jeff's busy writing the book, and we're trying to get the blog humming along.

If you like what we're about, here are some things we could use help with:

  • Pre-order the book. Okay, well, it's not ready just yet. But the single biggest way you can help is to pre-order your copy today. Details are here.
  • Advertisers. You can help offset the costs of the website and get a great (and increasingly valuable) deal. If you're interested, click here.
  • Promoters. If you've got a blog, or you know anyone that might be interested in what this site is all about, share it, and let us know you have.
  • Publicity. We're not actively pushing for publicity at the moment. We'd prefer to wait until the book has been finished (early 2011). But if you know anyone who wants to help, let us know.
  • Book Cover Designer. The cover you see on the site is a mock-up, and we'd like to work with a designer. Must sign NDA and have references/examples.
  • Book Editor. When Jeff's finished with his draft, he'll want to work with an exceptional editor to ensure that the book lives up to its name. Must sign NDA and have strong references/examples.

And if you can't help out with any of the above, but you'd really like to help out, we could always use a donation, or, if you are genuinely interested in some of the past products we've created, check them out.

  • Donate. Via Paypal. tpe@thephenomenalexperience.com Any amount you want is extremely appreciated. We're not putting up a button because we'd actually prefer you just pre-ordered the book. :)
  • Buy other products. Jeff is a huge fan of Movie Magic Screenwriter, and his company, Embryo Films, became the Australasian distributor. If you want to write movies, ordering this software through Embryo Films supports this effort. A downloadable version is available, too.
  • Get Writing FAST. The first book Jeff wrote was called Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed. It's available through Embryo Films and Amazon, or as an ebook. If you want to write anything, getting a copy supports the effort.
  • Join FAST Screenplay. As Jeff was writing Phenomenal, he discovered the need to create FAST Screenplay, his "other" contribution, and a demonstration of the principles of Phenomenal. By seeing both, a fuller picture appears. If you want to write movies, it's a truly phenomenal system for doing so.

And of course, if you can't help with any of that, just subscribe to the RSS feed, bookmark this page, tell everybody you know, and visit often!

And get out there and live the phenomenal experience today!