Park it Yourself, Metallica-Breath

Long ago, I said one of the most ridiculous lines in the history of teen comedy movies. (The line was the title of this article).

Funny enough, I've always been shy about it. I've never talked or written about it until right now. I always glossed over it, half pretending it never happened, always aiming to position myself as something more highbrow than that.

Rethink Your Think Time

Today's post is very short (for me).

Over the past week, I've written over 15,000 words for this website. And I haven't published any of them.

Something has suddenly become very clear to me:

I'm thinking too much.
About the wrong things.

And it's taking time and energy away from what's most important: My book.

Twitter is the Borg

Your short attention span is going to kill you.

You're being brainwashed. Sucked dry of all individuality. Twitter is destroying your ability to think for yourself — by training you to act before you think. And it's only just begun.

In this article, I'll show you:

Prove Yourself

Dear Jeff,

Nobody cares.

They just don't give a damn about what you're doing.

But here's a secret: They're right not to.

I know, I know. You have moments of fear and frustration. You're putting in all this work — creating thought-provoking articles that tie into a larger picture.

Doesn't matter. Nobody cares.

Why Optimism is the Ultimate Survival Skill

You are capable of extraordinary things.

But if you haven't yet achieved those extraordinary things, it's because there's one survival skill you haven't mastered yet:



This blog is called The Phenomenal Experience. Let's make it worthy of its title. Let's raise the stakes.

In the previous post, I showed you how to accurately predict the future.

How to (Accurately) Predict the Future

Human beings live a linear existence. We travel in one direction through time — from the past, through the present, toward the future.

So conventional wisdom says that the future is impossible to predict. Its says the future is unknowable because it’s not here yet.

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

This is Not What You Think It Is

I carefully chose the image on the very first post of this blog for a specific reason.

And I knew you’d jump to conclusions.

That image, combined with the article’s title, is deceptively evocative. When you see it, you attach a meaning to it. And depending on your current outlook on life, that meaning will color how you read the article.

Deciding to Live the Phenomenal Experience


The past year of my life has been very frustrating.

I've seen (at least) five separate projects stall or fall apart. Some in the early development stage. Others in pre-production. One of them was well into advanced post-production.

But something went wrong with all of them.


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