Rethink Your Think Time

Rethink Your Think Time

Today's post is very short (for me).

Over the past week, I've written over 15,000 words for this website. And I haven't published any of them.

Something has suddenly become very clear to me:

I'm thinking too much.
About the wrong things.

And it's taking time and energy away from what's most important: My book.


Truth is, as the previous article implied, thinking takes time.

In fact, in addition to six other articles I wrote this week, I wrote 80% of an article called "How to Maximize Your Think Time" — an article about the very problem of how much time it takes to think. (Our brains have a built-in limitation.) The article's not complete yet (most of them aren't), so I don't want to publish it.

But here's the problem:

Thinking about these articles enough to make them complete... is taking too much time.

It's a distraction.

My dilemma is this:

  • I don't want to write articles to fill up space.
  • I want to celebrate this Phenomenal Experience with you.
  • I want to give you genuine value, every time you visit.
  • I want to build a long-term relationship with you.

But I can't do that at the expense of the book.

Because the book is what this is really all about. The book is my real contribution.


Every article I write for this website puts a new stamp on the site and on your perception of the book. And the more I write, the more indelible that stamp becomes.

But if I rush it, the picture won't be clear.

So to make sure I'm serving you and the book as well as I can, I need to think everything through carefully.

Unfortunately, I don't have time.

If I had more thinking time, I could write 3 articles per week on the site and get the book done.

But nothing I can write on this website could possibly be more important than Phenomenal itself.

The book is what it's all about.

And that's the priority. So that's where my limited time must go.


So I've decided to change my writing schedule around.

I created some self-imposed deadlines for publishing articles on this site to ensure that I keep the momentum going. But now most of my week is spent creating content for the website.

I've spent 85% of my time on the site and 15% on the book.


That's inverted.

I need to spend 95% on the book, and 5% on the site. At least until the book is written.

So I'm shifting all my attention to the book.

At least until the first draft is written.

I'll still publish the website articles — maybe even lots of them. But my immediate focus is getting the first draft done as soon as possible.

So I expect website article delays in the coming weeks.

We'll still launch the pre-order offer on August 1st.

So in the meantime, please sign up for the email newsletter. That way, I'll let you know exactly when the next articles come along.


Always remember that there's no shame in re-assessing your situation.

When you see your target clearly, you know exactly how close (or how far) it really is.

My target is 1,000,000+

And I'm not going to get there unless I put the book first.

I encourage you to apply the lesson in your own life, too:

Rethink your think time.

It's the only way you'll achieve what you know your life is about.

The Experience continues...

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